Being a community-run project it is crucial to make decisions together as a community. For that reason and for the sake of transparency all our votes will take place on

Our voting system is based on the amount of PixelTigers you hold.

1 PixelTiger = 1 Vote

What is

Snapshot is a place where projects can create proposals for people to vote on using cryptocurrency. In the industry, this process is called ‘vote signaling’. Traditionally, to vote using cryptocurrency would normally incur fees to process the movement of currency from one wallet to another.

But on Snapshot, that doesn’t happen, thanks to the clever use of the decentralized storage network called IPFS. Because Snapshot doesn’t use ‘on-chain’ verification, any votes are essentially fee-less.

Who can raise a proposal on Snapshot?

There are 3 members of the council designated with the task: Sam Path, Zak Lewis & Jonathan Beaudoin

How do I access PixelTiger Snapshot?

Our Snapshot account is connected to our ENS name PixelTigersDAO.eth. You can access the system via the following link:

Do I need to pay gas to vote?


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