The $PIXEL token is earned by staking your tigers. This process is automatic and doesn't require any further actions.
$PIXEL will be used in all aspects of our ecosystem as we expand and grow. $PIXEL is an ERC-20 token, meaning it is on the Ethereum blockchain. It is structured the same way as tokens such as $APE from Yuga Labs.
It is important to note that $PIXEL is a utility token for the PixelTiger’s ecosystem and is not a security. It has no monetary value.

$PIXELS token

The $PIXEL token is live.
Here is the Etherscan link for the Ethereum $PIXEL token smart contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x28f6691ACe7a960eD6B549A2c486982e89F963fc

Token usage

The token can be used across our ecosystem such as:
  • WL Shop
  • Merchandise Shop
  • Breeding
  • Evolution
  • Redeem VX

Token generation

The $PIXEL token is generated based on the type of Tiger you hold. $PIXEL can only be claimed from the website/contract.
  • Cubs = 0 $PIXEL daily
  • Tiger = 7 $PIXEL daily
  • Tigers OG = 10 $PIEXEL daily
  • Unique Tigers = 15 $PIXEL daily
  • Ledgandary Tigers = 15 $PIXEL daily

How can I boost my PIXEL generation rate?

Our system will take the following algorithm into consideration to boost PIXEL generation. Refer to the diagram below.
Pixel generation diagram