👾Jungle Run (Game)

The gates have opened! The Jungle calls upon every Tiger to set out on a journey. Objective? Collect pixels shards. How? Run! Avoid obstacles, pick up power-ups and make it all the way to the top. Pixels are temporary, glory is forever.

Jungle Run is currently open for the public to play. The final game is only available to play when you hold 1 or more Cubs in your wallet.

The game utilises blockchain technology and is gated for our collection only. You can use MetaMask to authenticate your wallet.


You can jump with your Cub or you can Duck to avoid obstacles. In order to achieve that you have multiple options available. Choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Option 1

Left Click = Jump / Double Jump

Right Click = Duck

Option 2

Space Bar = Jump / Double Jump

Option 3

Up Arrow = Jump / Double Jump

Down Arrow = Duck

How can I access the game?

Use the link below. The game is hosted on our website.

Can I use Tigers to play the game?

No, only Cubs are eligible.

Can I play the game on my mobile?

No, for the moment the game is browser-based and we recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Can I use Coinbase or TrustWallet to play the game?

No, currently the BETA is designed to work with MetaMask only.

Do I need funds to play the game?


How can I use PIXEL Shards?


The game is still in the BETA stage. Our developers and community are currently working together to finalise everything.

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