Private Ethereum Node dedicated to PixelTigers community

What are Nodes?

An Ethereum node is simply any computer running the software needed to connect with the Ethereum network. Nodes connect with one another to send information back and forth to validate transactions and store data about the state of the blockchain.
Though the terms are often used interchangeably these connected computers are the nodes and the software that they run is called the client.
Image by alchemy

How does TigerNode work?

TigerNode is a full Ethereum Node combined with gated access to PixelTigers holders. The below diagram shows the process of submitting a transaction via Metamask which is then passed on to the mempool and finally to the miners.

Benefits of using TigerNode?

  • Speed! - since you are not sharing the node with thousands of other people, (Default Infura Node bundled with Metamask) you are already a step ahead of everyone else.
  • Privacy and Security - When using public nodes, your transactions are at risk of being vulnerable to leaks. Using TigerNode enables your wallet to privately and securely interact with the blockchain.

TigerNode v2

  • Node available from multiple regions e.g. EU, US, ASIA
  • Better hardware
  • Refining of each component that makes up the node
  • Burner wallet allocation