Infinitely flexible. Incredibly productive for teams of all sizes. Trello manages everything, from big project details to micro tasks. Collaborate anywhere, even on mobile.

Since PixelTigers is a community-run project we had to come up with a solid task management system to control the progress of the project. We decided to keep the Trello board public for various reason but the main one would be to be fully transparent with our community and meet the expectations.

The board is setup in a Kibana format and is split into 4 columns. There are 4 columns which dictate the status of the task.

Trello Structure:

  • To Do:- new tasks will be added to this column first

  • Doing:- currently being worked on

  • On Hold:- when a task is held back by another process or any other reason.

  • Completed:- you guessed it, all done

What does each task tell us:

  • Who's responsible for the task could be multiple people

  • When it is expected to be completed (due date)

  • Information about the task

  • If it includes sub-tasks and what they are

  • What category the task will fall under e.g. Discord, website â€Ļ

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